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Build innovative, fun, and engaging consumer apps on zkSync

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Build a Game or SocialFi consumer product on zkSync to achieve mass adoption of web3. We believe that engaging, and fun games/SocialFi applications can onboarding the next billion people to web3.


Build product on zkSync and improve it gradually through the zkSync WaveHack program. There are no restrictions on products that are already under development or developed from scratch. However, we want to see applications that have not been already deployed to other EVM networks.

The program evaluates submissions every two weeks. We will evaluate the innovativeness of the submission, the potential impact of the application, and progress from previous submissions.

This is not a one-time hackathon, but a program that evaluates updates every two weeks and distributes grants on an ongoing basis. Submissions will be evaluated and feedback will be available for each wave by the Matter Labs core team (zkSync) and community.

The development period for each wave will be 10 days, and the evaluation voting period from our team will be 4 days. 10 Waves will take place. This is an open opportunity and anyone can submit a product to any wave, and there is no penalty for skipping a wave, so feel free to improve and submit your product at your own pace.


Quickstart: https://docs.zksync.io/build/quick-start/hello-world.html

Documentation: https://docs.zksync.io/build/

Developer Tools: https://docs.zksync.io/build/tooling/zksync-cli/getting-started.html

Having issues? Post them on GitHub: https://github.com/zkSync-Community-Hub/zksync-developers/discussions

🚨Submissions should include:

- Project must be deployed on zkSync Sepolia Tesnet with:

-a clear README.md with the following:

-a clear short one-sentence description of your dapp. Aim for something simple like: “Easy social recovery via Telegram” or “Customizable long-term vaults on smart contract accounts to prevent thefts from hacking”.

- Have a Project Description section including the problem being solved and any issues you ran into.

-Short description of team and backgrounds.

-A clear installation/execution process that works.

-A clear Open Source License: MIT, GNU, Unlicensed or any standard open source license your team want.

-A clear 2-4 minute video demo walking through the DApp.


How to the submission: Product submission will be done through the AKINDO platform. Product name, product image, explanatory text, and Github are required. This is the product list page, so please refer to it and register a product page that is easy for the judges to understand.

Regarding comments when submitting: Product submissions are accepted every two weeks. In that case, please clearly state which part has been updated when submitting. After checking the differences and information on Github, the judges will vote based on their impact.

About product evaluation:Products are rated and voted on by members of the zkSync's core team. Immediately after the wave judging period ends, grants for each wave will be automatically distributed to the submitting teams according to their voting percentage.

About the product: Original products created by your team will be evaluated. Please note that products that infringe on copyright will not be evaluated. If the grant is distributed to a product that infringes copyright, proprietary rights, etc., it will be refunded.

✅Judging Criteria

Innovation (35%)

How novel, original and useful is the submission? Is it pushing boundaries or just copy of what is already existing? We would love to see games, and SocialFi applications that use the unique features provided by EVM-chains, and account abstraction.

Using zkSync's feature (25%)

How effectively are you leveraging the potential of zkSync in your product? Judges at Matter Labs will evaluate whether your submission leverages zkSync's features such as state-differences, or Account Abstraction. Considerations regarding not only the quality of the idea or product, but also optimisations specific to zkSync and the potential impact of your product on the zkSync ecosystem are the most important evaluation criteria.

Continuity of product updates (25%)

This program is ongoing and is not intended to evaluate one-time deployments. This is a program that priorities evaluates builders who are willing to continuously improve their submission with UX enhancement, additional product features, or security improvement.

By focusing on incremental, yet impactful product changes every 14 days, you will display a willingness to commit to your ideas which will be positively evaluated.

Technical Merit (15%)

How technically sound is this project? This includes evaluating the technical difficulty, sophistication of the technology used, sophistication of the solution, and code quality.

🏄‍♂️What is WaveHack Global?

The zkSync WaveHack Program is held as part of WaveHack Global. The most highly rated product will be given the opportunity to present a demo pitch at EDCON, so aim to build the best product for a production release.

WaveHack Global is an acceleration program with grants to create killer apps by summer.You can receive grants, connections with top projects, and feedback to help grow your product. This program has already started. Keep building the best product for 3 Demo Days in Japan this summer.

This is why you should join WaveHack Global.

💰Get grants from top global projects

🤝Get feedback from the judges on your progress every two weeks

🧑🏻‍💻 Study sessions are held to learn the latest technology and required products

📣Pitch a demo at a major Crypto conference in Japan

📈Gain an audience through the program

WaveHack Global is an acceleration program for global builders, and anyone can join at any time to earn grants for product growth.

Build your product aligned with the grant partner's theme to maximize growth and showcase it to wow the audience at the summer demo day.

Main Entry here to get this demo pitch opportunity: https://www.wavehack.global/

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