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Pool Prize


1st Place

3,000 USDC

Product deadline

2023-07-12 15:00


2023-06-06 01:35

Winners Announce

2023-07-23 14:59














DMM prizeについての詳細はこちらのTwitterSpacesからもご確認頂けます。6/19(月)21時より開始。アーカイブあり。


1.OASYS HACKJAMの公式LPのフォームより1次エントリー



2.Oasys Main Prizeへエントリー

3 希望するPrizeのページより本エントリー

※事前の上記1次エントリー、Oasys Main Prizeへのエントリーが必須となります。


- CryptoGames Prize

テーマ:AI × ブロックチェーン

- double Prize


- MCH Prize

テーマ:MCH Verse上のLootを活用したアプリケーション

- SoftBank Prize


- Singularity Prize

テーマ:Build an innovative web3 application on the Oasys chain, using Singularity SDK for user onboarding.





Theme: [DMM, which does everything] x [Web3] products

DMM offers more than 60 services including video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, solar power generation, 3D printing, etc. We are looking for ideas and products for new businesses and measures that take advantage of the characteristics of Web3 and cross them with existing DMM businesses.

Examples of products

Service ideas that will bring DMM's services to a wide range of Web3 users

Ideas that enable users of existing DMM services to experience the appeal of Web3 technology

Evaluation Points

Is the idea an idea that makes use of DMM's existing assets (business, members, systems, etc.)?

Is the idea technically feasible?

Points to note

The implementation of the demo is only acceptable if it demonstrates the concept of the idea.

Please refrain from capturing screenshots of the actual service, crawling to the service, etc., and do not use the actual content provided on DMM.

The best ideas may be connected to a person in charge within the DMM Group through a person in charge of the Web3 Division, and may be considered for commercialization. Please refrain from negotiating directly with or inquiring to the person in charge within the group in any other way.

We transferred our adult business to Digital Commerce in 2018. Digital Commerce is not a group company and cannot consider any proposed synergies with the adult business.

OasysTokyoHACKJAM Entry Flow

1. Primary entry from the official LP form of OASYS HACKJAM

Official LP:

Entry form:

2.Entry to Oasys Main Prize

3. Main entry from the page of the desired Prize

*Prior entry to the above 1st Prize and entry to the Oasys Main Prize are required.

*If you are submitting products in accordance with more than one Prize, entry to each sponsor page is required.

- CryptoGames Prize

Theme: AI x Blockchain

- double Prize

Theme: Games that activate trading volume

- MCH Prize

Theme: An application that utilizes Loot on MCH Verse

- SoftBank Prize

Theme: Products using the OASYS blockchain (same theme as the main Prize)

- Singularity Prize

Theme:Build an innovative web3 application on the Oasys chain, using Singularity SDK for user onboarding.

About Product Submission

・Products that are already under development are also eligible for evaluation and will be accepted for submission.Products that have already been released will not be evaluated.

・If you have a product that is compatible with the Oasys chain, please feel free to submit it. You can submit only a mock or other DEMO and presentation materials.

・If you wish to deploy your product, please use Sand-Verse as a test environment.

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