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NFT Book Publishing Platfotm on APTOS
NFT E-Book Platform on APTOS
NFT E-Book Platform on APTOS

What it does

Revolutionary DApp empowering indie author effortlessly forge NFTs, facilitating the saleof their work which can encompass ebooks, features :

Transparent Sales Tracking

Blockchain technology and also for NFT (Non Fungible Token) enables indie creators to accurately track the number of their digital works sold, providing transparency and assurance to both creators and buyers. With every transaction securely recorded on the blockchain as NFT, creators can have a clear record of their sales and revenue, eliminating any ambiguity or uncertainty.

Direct Royalty Payments

The conventional solutions supporting independent creators like Kindle Direct Publishing currently provide royalty payments 60-90 days after the end of the month, which certainly poses challenges for independent creators in need of immediate income. Utilizing NFT we can transparently arrange for creators to receive Direct Royalty Payments, ensuring timely compensation.

Royalty with APTOS Digital Asset Royalty

In the real world, one solution for purchasing items more affordably is by buying secondary versions, yet in the digital realm, purchasing secondary items is often considered illegal and impractical. NFTs solve this problem by ensuring that assets are transferred from seller to buyer via blockchain technology. Even more impressively, with the APTOS digital asset royalty we can create a secondary marketplace that still provides royalties to creators for each secondary NFT work sold, something that is even challenging to achieve in the real world.

The problem it solves

platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing, often impose royalties as high as 30-70%, which are not fully beneficial for creators.

2nd Wave Progress

a. creating nft minter on APTOS

I'm starting to explore minting NFTs on Aptos. Next, I need to customize it to fit the needs of authors (author friendly).

b. explore CockroachDB

We use CockroachDB to store off-chain data including collection names, token names, and the logic for connecting it with PDF documents for ebooks

Why we use cockhroach db?

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database designed to handle large volumes of data with horizontal scalability. This makes it well-suited for blockchain applications which may need to scale quickly as the number of transactions or users grows.Unlike many NoSQL databases that offer eventual consistency, CockroachDB ensures strong consistency, providing an accurate and up-to-date view of the database at all times, which is important for maintaining the integrity of transactional data.

our temporary SQL Table for explore CockroachDB

CREATE TABLE public.apbook_store ( creator VARCHAR(255) NULL, file_store VARCHAR(255) NULL, rowid INT8 NOT VISIBLE NOT NULL DEFAULT unique_rowid(), collection_hash VARCHAR(255) NULL, name VARCHAR(255) NULL, CONSTRAINT apbook_store_pkey PRIMARY KEY (rowid ASC) )

NOTE : We Use Moralis Web3 API for Fetch collection_data_id_hash

Technologies I used

We have studied and conducted experiments based on https://aptos.dev/tutorials/your-first-nft

Token-Gated System : In our plan, we are using a Non-Relational Database to store the collection addresses of registered books. When the address of the NFT owned by the user matched with an address in the database, access to the book will be granted

on progress for

Better integration in frontend

seamless frontend

minting flow for author (priority at the next wave)

Great experience for user

MVP Development and Deployment

Non Relational Database Configuration