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Genealogy Tree Dapp

Genealogy Tree Dapp

a dapp that helps to organize family history and relationship
Genealogy Tree
Genealogy Tree

Genealogy Tree dapp

This is a hierarchical archive for tree-like relationships, storing all tree information for future retrieval and analysis

Genealogy tree dapp url


Repository of the dapp


Deployed module address on APTOS testnet


Wave 7

> screenshot below is the current state of dapp

i) thank you to all judges for voting and supporting this project till this far!

ii) finally this dapp has reached MVP stage

iii) i have started to contact clan houses

> in Malaysia (https://www.khookongsi.com.my/)

> in China (the clan house display in project page with the old book)

they have expressed interest to tokenize their data into this dapp, that would be thousands of family tree records (dated back more than 500 years ago) will be recorded here.

Changes made

i) unified the transaction API either using wallet or keyless account,

ii) added support to upload image with IPFS using pinata service,

iii) added signature verification to authenticate user to use backend services,

iv) updated UI (wallet page, nav bar, family page), added the partners support in smart contract

Next wave

i) add support for permission access for family tree

ii) improve landing page to display the dapp whitepaper

iii) add support for partner relationship in graph UI

iv) implement tokenomics of dapp

Example usecase besides family tree

i) tokenizing automotive car model history

ii) archiving organization chart

Update dapp direction

i would drop the initial ideas, and focus on 2 points

i) tree like relationship data archival

> can store various type of tree (family tree, organizational or government structure)

> this app would be query for past reference

> if we were to find the government organization structure last decade, it would be very hard and time consuming

> this dapp helps to solve this issue

ii) ease of use for normal users to web3.0

> serve as gateway for web3 promotion

> the interaction flow of this dapp should be similar to web2.0

> it would serve as good entry for normal users to know more about dapp and blockchain

6th wave

> screenshot below is current state of the dapp

Changes made:

i) integrated latest keyless wallet feature from APTOS with google sign

ii) implemented wallet page that shows coins and digital assets

iii) implemented image uploading UI

iv) update the UI to support both wallet type

Next wave (7th wave)

i) allow transaction from either of wallet type

ii) add support for partners in the graph

iii) add user permission for each collection

5th Wave

> screenshot below is the current state of the dapp

Changes made:

i) APTOS blockchain

> updated the smart contract to support creation of collection of family tree

> support minting of person in each collection

ii) frontend

> created a landing page

> page to display all collections of family

> family collection creation page

> updated family tree editor to include family collection information

screen recording to show the functionality of the dapp


Next wave (6th wave)

> add support of uploading avatar image to IPFS

> add support for zklogin (https://learn.aptoslabs.com/example/aptogotchi-keyless/intro)

> add user access permission