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Aptos ENS Gateway

Aptos ENS Gateway

Gateway for connecting ENS domains to Aptos
Aptos Event & ENS Gateway
Aptos Event & ENS Gateway

What it does

Aptos ENS Gateway is a gateway for connecting ENS domains to Aptos.

What this project enables:

* This project enables Aptos name to store resolver records in a similar way to ENS domains

* This project enables Aptos name to be resolved by the ENS name (For example, we can point chomtana.eth -> chomtana.apt)

* This project enables ENS domain names to store resolver records in the Aptos chain instead of the Ethereum Mainnet

* This project can potentially collaborate with the official Aptos Names (https://www.aptosnames.com)

Wave 2 deployment

* Network: Aptos Testnet

* Transaction: 0xa6441771682d8b4fb263f41eec76168b7895afae65ed0a9cf84e3878554effa4

* Module: 0x6f7ad109a6008ad1ac4345f97707191354c71eae72cdbb05b5170a92dccd67f1::resolver

The problem it solves

It solves the acceptance problem of Aptos domains. Web 3 is unofficially considered ENS as an ICANN for Web 3 due to being the first mover with a valid DAO-based structure. So, it's a good idea to collaborate with ENS.

Challenges I ran into

Learning curve

Technologies I used

Aptos Move smart contractAptos CLIVisual studio code

How we built it

We reference implementation from ENS's official EVM Gateway: https://github.com/ensdomains/evmgateway and migrate them to the Move smart contract module deployed on the Aptos chain.

I have a track record of contributing to the official ENS EVM Gateway developed. Proving my skill and understanding of ENS Gateway.

* Pull request to the official ENS EVM Gateway to patch Optimism fault-proof breaking changes

* Discussion on ENS DAO forum about Optimism fault-proof breaking changes on EVM Gateway

What we learned

Aptos Move smart contract development

What's next for

* Completion of Aptos Resolver Smart Contract

* Development of CCIP Gateway with a voting-based model to ensure security

* Integration with the official Aptos NamesDevelopment of user interface